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[WP Tab Widget Pro] Custom Field Support And Single Tab


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We are thinking of purchasing WP Tab Widget Pro and have two questions.  We have a section of our website which publishes press releases.  We would like to use WP Tab Widget Pro in the sidebar of a custom press release post page to display the latest press releases from a specific company.  The company name is captured in a custom field in our WP database.


Our questions are:


1. Can WP Tab Widget Pro display a list of custom posts based on a custom field (Company Name)?


2. Can WP Tab Widget Pro be used if we want just one tab (or no tab at all)?  If we want to display simply a single list of most recent press releases from Company X, without there being any additional tabs, is that possible?



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Guest Mladen.i



Sorry for the late reply.


Thank you for your interest in WP Tab Widget Pro.


1) It is possible but there is no option for that, you can use filter to alter query or you can override tab look and/or functionality within your theme. It is very flexible.


2) You can do this. If you don't want to show tab at all you will have to hide it with CSS or to override template.


We can help you to achieve both easily.


Thank you.

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