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  1. Great- thanks so much for the quick answer. I am looking forward to purchasing it soon.
  2. Hello, I am very interested in purchasing WP Review Pro, but there are two functions I am trying to confirm before purchasing. 1) Will this plugin allow User Ratings without my/the author's rating? 2) Will the plugin allow users to rate individual features and show the average score by feature of all user ratings (For example: Feature 1's average User rating score is: 3.5, Feature 2's average User rating score is 4.75, etc)? In essence, I'd like to make a site that allows public average ratings for movies, like a poll of the public's average vote, similar to how RottenTomatoes works by showing an average of all public-votes for particular movies. I read on a description of WP Review, "You can even include user reviews and ratings in the total review score of the product." Which leads me to think that the answer to my two questions is possible, but I wanted to clarify. I appreciate any insight- your theme and plugins look amazing! Thanks!
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