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  1. ASKED BY ANOTHER USER BACK IN 2017. >> Hello, I am trying to find a suitable plugin to create a quiz for my clients website. Your WP Quiz Pro plugin looks great. We are currently using Thrive quiz builder which works for the personality quiz type that we want to create - but has one big flaw - it only displays to the user their MAIN personality type whereas we would like to display to the user their MAIN personality type AND a breakdown of their results. We have 6 personality types and each question (with Yes, No, Maybe answer) is weighted towards a particular type. We would liek to display the TYPE that they scored highest in as their main result but also display their results in each of the types so they can see which other personality types they are high or low in. Is this possible with your plugin? Also can we add the option after showing the results for the user to sign up to mailing list (Mailchimp) to receive a full personality type report by email (so a different mailing list for each Type)? Many thanks Lynda
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