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  1. I have already opened a topic before, but the it was closed before getting an answer. I want to make sure that the images of choices for each question can be organized in a grid like this . I bought your plugin but I couldn't organize the pictures into a grid so I got my money back. Can it be modified for me or is this not possible?
  2. Yes, I searched before and did not find any demo with the format of arranging the images of the choices in the form of a grid as I sent you before . In all quizzes , the images of choices are in the form of a column
  3. Can you explain to me how to organize the pictures of the questions in a grid if possible, because I tried and could not. Note: I bought the plugin before and because of this feature I got my money back and now I have re-downloaded the plugin to check the feature but I couldn't create a photo grid like the one I sent you
  4. In the answers section, is it possible to arrange the images in binary like this? And is it possible to add audio / video as questions ... because in the description you say that the plug-in supports videos as questions.
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