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  1. Still i m not conveiced , Can i use this theme /Code seperately without connecting to your MyThemeShop account , or this is manadatory. I mean if i want to modify this with some different technoogy then will this be allowed to us .
  2. My question is that ....I wanted to speak to you guys over the voice call before purchaing the theme , actually i have to make the couple of changes in the code to make it wotkable for me , as per current theme this is not the suitable for me to start with ..........................Kindly suggest few things 1. WIll there be any license issue of plug In , Fonts etc 2. Will there be any restrction in theme from coding perspective 3. is it mandatory to go with premium services if would need any support 4. if we have make chnages in the code then you guys will offer the support 5. what is the premium service cost. kindly suggest if you guys can talk on phone call for 2 min .
  3. Would it be possible to talk to you guys once after that i can immediately purchase the theme.
  4. will there be any possibility that if we want to modify the theme then it is possible for us to do that . because as per our requirement we have to make some changes
  5. IF I will not get the HTML CSS code then what is the benefit of this , because If i need to modify things then i have to work on it from scratch
  6. Please let me know if i will get the HTML theme along with code .or only the worpress theme.
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