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  1. This is the funniest behaviour ever by any Plugin Support. Your guy asked me on the prior thread to pay afresh and buy directly from you and then install that version, which is the same as what installed by our developer who has unlimited sites license and then we were supposed to raise this ticket sharing our WP Admin with you for you to login and inspect. Your guyt on prior thread has also written clearly that this plugin is being supported and will continue and everything is working. I am left aghast. WHat are you guys really up to? So do you want to login to my WP admin and check why the content locker is not disappearing and displaying the locked content? or you want to close this ticket right here and asking me to take refund? If the latter is the case, explain how to get the refund.
  2. Unable to locate the buy page for your content locker pro plugin. ITs nowhere listed on your main plugins listing page, leading to an impression you might be discontinuing this plugin.... Please let me know you will continue this plugin and then give me the page from where I can buy it. Is the twitter function properly working where the API verifies if the person has posted the tweet or not, this is a critical feature for our need. Currently in the version installed on our site the tweet is getting genrated and posted and people are being asked to authorise our twitter app. Just wanted to be double sure.
  3. Thanks. Clear replies create confidence. Confidence creates conversion. I am straight going ahead and making a direct purchase from your portal.
  4. IF you confirm that upon making a fresh purchsae from you still the plugin doesnt work you will provide a full refund, I will go ahead and buy it again right away.
  5. WHy dont you give a direct answer to all the points we make? Havent I asked you if we buy it again from your site, and if on that new installation it still doesnt work, will you refund? Evasive answers continuously do not provoke confidence. As it is you wrote you have already deprecated this plugin so please be explicit and clear a) Are you continuing to maintain and upgrade premium plugin? b) Are you sure it works? c) If it doesnt work on installation will you refund? Stick to these points and we will be done with this ticket.
  6. The freelancer who installed this on our site assures us he hasnt installed the free version but the premium version only. Plus your very brief replies after long gaps leave a lot for the asking. You are being vague. Are you saying that the version installed on our website is free and are you saying that premium version is tested properly by you for suitable working? So in that case we will take our developer head on who has a bulk license from you and claims he has installed the premium version only. What if we spend additional money and again buy a version from you and it still has these same issues? Can you assure us of a refund if after a direct purchase from you also these issues will come. Lastly to keep waiting for 1 line answers that too vague for 24 hours plus and have one single ticket drag for weeks is not our idea of a properly working plugin!
  7. No disabling all the optimization functions in litespeed regarding JS have still not allowed your locker to show up. Even on disabling litespeed cache plugin totally, even though your locker shows up and the configurations of facebook, twitter, linkedin APIs have happened correctly and all three are posting content on social sites respecively the locker still doesnt go away revealing the content. Something is badly amiss it seems within your plugin.
  8. Hi, Even while keeping litespeed deactivated when indeed your lock shows up the tweet button works fine with the tweet getting posted also, but the locker doesnt unlock, at all. Same thing is happening with the Facebook Share app. The app is working alright but after posting the link and post on facebook using the app button the content still doesnt unlock. This is the same situation with the Litespeed cache plugin active as well as in deactive mode.
  9. I disabled, the only caching plugin we have used, i.e. Litespeed. And yes! The locker is now showing on the incognito browser window also. So this is testing positive. Please advise next steps, since its a live site I have had to re-enable the caching plugin again for overall page load sanity of the whole website.
  10. Thanks for the response. I was suspecting on similar lines. But I hope this is only for checking? Since if I were to have no caching on my site entire site performance will collapse. Would you feel a better option is to open the concerned page where locker is and check throughdeveloper console if any specific script of this plugin is having issues and if so we can then copy that script with entire file path name and put it in the box in litespeed for not optimizing?
  11. When I am logged into my wordpress admin and at that time when I open the page where I have installed locker to hide some part of the post the locker appears properly. You can see how the locker looks like over here: https://prnt.sc/4iMgUXW9JsBl However, when I am opening that page where the locker is installed as a non logged in user through the incognito window, at this url https://www.kedianomics.com/itc-big-move-to-350-plus/ the locker just doesnt show up at all. Thanks for your response and taking interest in helping trying resolving this for us.
  12. On activating debug mode I get error output on concerned page that there is Illegal string offset 'id' in some file of the plugin on line 69. Could you please help resolve this. Thanks.
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