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  1. Suppose we left our current domain name the same for the homepage that includes our search bar feature and the attractive 'Color Burst' video playing in the background (which we would like to retain), and we use a subdomain for the rest of the site; presumably the Video Theme portion provided by your firm. Would we be able to search across the videos that are posted to the Video Theme subdomain if my search bar is on the primary domain of the website? e.g. The Home Page featuring the search bar is https://smoochbox.live The subdomain is https://abc123subdomain.live; the subdomain would feature all of our video posts, comment sharing, etc. Could I visit https://smoochbox.live , and use the search bar to search and view videos that are posted tohttps://abc123subdomain.live?
  2. Is it possible to keep my site 'as is' and just simply apply the theme to one new page that I create for only videos, comments, and sharing?
  3. Hi there! I would like to know if the Video WP Theme will permit me to do the following: 1. May we continue to use the background video that plays on our current home page at https://smoochbox.live (the explosion of colors moving in the background is what I am referring to on our website). 2. May we continue to use the search bar feature that is also included on our current home page? 3. Does your company offer an enhanced search bar plugin that we may use with our current website and possible Video WP Theme? 4. Does the Video Theme permit our visitors to post comments and communicate with each other on our website? 5. Does the Video Theme provide a signup form for our visitors to join our online community? 6. Does your company offer a product that boosts our website speed?
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