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  1. So you guys won't provide support for a plugin bug! You guys are pushing people to pay for the pro plugin but you can't provide support on an issue with the main plugin... What is the point of this forum!?
  2. We are seeing the same thing on a client site. The bar isn't showing on the pages it's supposed to Not to mention The WP Notification Bars plugin is bloating their error logs Here is a small snippet > https://prnt.sc/26t9nxm Here is what all of the error logs are saying PHP Warning: Undefined array key "HTTP_REFERER" in /home/########/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-notification-bars/includes/class-wp-notification-bars-shared.php on line 558 What can be done to fix this issue? This is not a conflict issue, we have checked and the error persists regardless of wha
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