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  1. That is brilliant thank you. I can make a purchase from you shortly. Thank you. Ed
  2. Thanks again, but you have just re-iterated what I said to you in the pre-amble. I will try and make it very simple for you, to save any confusion as you seem to not get the question. I will rephrase in another way Can I use the template on gated and ungated websites within the same multisite? Where for example it will be for paid support for a certain aspect of the solution. If you still do not understand then I cannot think of another way to ask. Possibly get another member of your team to ask.
  3. Thank you, completely not the answer, I think you must have mis-read the post, but thanks for the time to try and respond.
  4. Hi, I have found mythemeshop after looking at the licensing terms on themeforest and envato and becoming royally confused. I want to run a multisite website ( I am happy to purchase the unlimited license, even though I am not sure I need to on multisite) there will be 4 or 5 sites using the same theme, to keep it all looking similar. However, this is where I am confused, on envato (and I know its different) if some areas are members only (for example paid support) they need you to get an extended license instead of the standard. Does that apply here or I assume once I have purchased it, I can use them in whatever site it is ( gated or not) . I will NOT be selling the theme purchased or anything like that or bundling it into anything. Thanks in advance Ed
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