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  1. Hi Jitendra, It's okay my developer has decided to work on my domain + hosting. So no changes will be required. Than you for your reply.
  2. I will be outsourcing the building of my website to a freelancer on Fiverr. He has proposed to build my website on his server and migrate it to my server when it's completed - Developer Mode. To do this he has required me to transfer the themes and plugins which we need to use from my 1 site membership plan to his server for him to do the work. Is this allowed? I do not need complications in the future with my purchase. Please give me some advice.
  3. Thank you for the reply. Highly appreciate it.
  4. Hello, I have interest in Purchasing 1. Schema theme and 2. WP Quiz Pro. Please correct me if I am wrong. To my understanding if I signed up for 1 website Membership plan, I am entitled to all themes and plugins available on mythemeshop. This will include the above 2 which interest me? Is the Membership price for 1 website $99.00 or $99.47? Thank you.
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