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  1. Hello, Does the WP Real Estate Pro plugin give me the ability to add multiple IDX / MLS Feeds to the same site? So, if our brokerage covered different regions. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am wondering which tools in your pack would give me: 1. A corporate theme enabling the user to subscribe to different monthly subscription service. Think 3 services. One for 9.99 / mth, another for 19.99 / mth, another for 29.99 / mth. Each one of these service would have an add-on, the user could select, for 4.99 / mth. 2. Integration with Stripe or Paypal and other payment services. 3. Allow me to customize the fields and data I collect during the sign up process. 3. The full source code is available and usable to me and the footer is completely removable (
  3. No worries. I'm still going to purchase the plugin. Thank you for the help!
  4. Hello, Our firm covers multiple states in the United States. We have dozens of agents and agencies. We are looking at WP Real Estate Pro. Is it possible to segregate access by users ('agents') across IDX or MLS accounts? Keep in mind they have different IDX or MLS accounts covering different areas. Here is an example: 1. Agent A covers Memphis, Tennessee 2. Agent B covers Nashville, Tennessee. 3. Agent C covers Boston, Massachusetts. 4. Agent D covers Manhattan, New York. When Agent A logs into your software, Agent A should only see properties for Memphi
  5. Jitendraa, Perfect! Thank you so much for the help. Purchasing and installing now. -TK
  6. Kenneth, Can I not do customizations unless they are done directly with your firm? I do not want to use your firm for customizations. I want to use a 3rd party vendor. Your website is pretty clear I can do anything with custom features and code. Is this not the case? Please explain how I can do custom development without leveraging your firm to do the development. Would you also be able to answer the questions I provided previously? (see below) 1. Is the source code made available? 2. Are their API's? 3. What language is it developed in? (ex. probably PHP, Jav
  7. Hello, I understand it cannot be done natively in software. The information on your website (https://mythemeshop.com/plugins/wordpress-real-estate/) indicates 'Developers can easily extend WP Real Estate Pro. The extensible architecture helps keep WP Real Estate Pro fast and secure even with custom features and code." However, how would you go about accomplishing this outside your application? 1. Is the source code made available? 2. Are their API's? 3. What language is it developed in? (ex. probably PHP, Java, HTML) 4. What would be the process of adding
  8. Hello, I am looking at WP Real Estate Pro. I am trying to figure out if I could build customizations on your platform. I want to use the base WP Real Estate Pro but apply custom calculations on imported data, and then display this data in the frontend of WP Real Estate pro. Is this something that can be done in your tool? Would you be able to point me to information about custom development in your application? Thank you!
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