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  1. A couple of months ago, my Designer theme subscription ended. When I check the theme, I cannot find it on the https://mythemeshop.com/themes/ page. It seems like new customers no longer able purchase this theme. (Yes, it is not a problem for me, but I need to know is this theme discontinued) I want to know that is this theme is discontinued? If I want to get support, how do I get it (my active subscription ended)? If I can renew, is there any discount coupon for renewal?
  2. MyThemeShop.com is the best place to find well-optimized WordPress themes. I have purchased the designer theme and it gets over 95% rank on "Page Speed Insight" for mobile site and 99% for the desktop site. MyThemeShop.com has super friendly support team. Their support is superb. When I need to customize the theme, they help me a lot. Within 24 hours I get a response from mythemeshop.com. Their WordPress plugins are also superb.
  3. It's appearance little bit old. I'm looking for something new.
  4. I'm looking for theme which can meet mobile pagespeed insight score over 85%, however I cannot find any theme (on mythemeshop.com) meet this requirement. So far I looked following themes. Fresh (my looking for something like this). science scribbler seekers daily Any good recommendation? Im looking for blog/magazine theme. pagespeed test result here.
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