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  1. I'm evaluating the URL Shortener Pro plugin for our company domain. We don't really do any social media and don't use the blogging features of Wordpress. The primary use of this plugin will be to shorten very long and complicated URLs from other external services, for use by our project management teams with clients and partners. My question is regarding alternate domain names, other than our primary domain. Our primary domain is 22 characters long. We would like to use an alternate and shorter domain, which we already own, that is only 7 characters. I don't see a way (in the free version) to select a different domain other than the primary. If I'm making a short url, I want ALL of the url to be short, not just the slug at the end. Note this is not a sub-domain. Something like twitter.com with t.co. For example: http://verylongprimarycompanydomainthatnobodywantstotype.com/somereasourceatthecompany/orexternalservice or http://randomexternalserviceprovider.com/reallylongurl/withlotsofoptions/andotherthings into http://alt.url/resource Is this possible with the URL Shortener Pro plugin? The FAQ, support pages, and marketing/sales pages are silent on the topic as best I can tell. Thanks for the help!
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