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  1. Hello i have been trying this plugin though it does not have pretty good rating. to my surprise, find the plugin to be nice and well done. works without any issues. i am planning to move to paid version but i do have a problem : – I am making a quiz for educational purpose, and i need to have an explanatory audio file that could be played by user and this file should appear when user clicks “hint” link at bottom of trivia questionnaire. problem is , i added an html code that would load the audio player in hint section.. The player actually loads but it is greyed and cannot play audio file !!! Here is a screen capture of how the audio player shows when i click “hint” link : https://ibb.co/hM4YRxd —– this is the html code i paste inside hint box at quiz editor : <div> <audio controls=”” playsinline=”” controlslist=”nodownload” style=”width: 100%;”><source src=”https://www.soundhelix.com/examples/mp3/SoundHelix-Song-10.mp3&#8243; type=”audio/mpeg”><source src=”https://www.soundhelix.com/examples/mp3/SoundHelix-Song-10.mp3&#8243; type=”audio/ogg”>your broweser does not support “audio” tag. </audio> </div> >>> I am working with internal uploaded audio file, the one in this example is just for explanation. >>> Audio hint won’t play on Chrome , Safari, Opera browsers. >>> I tried this on another quiz plugin and it worked, but i don’t like that plugin. Any help will be greatly apprciated. Thank you
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