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  1. Hi, thanks. Any chance you can make a video of the PRO version of Content Locker? Thanks,
  2. Hi, Do you happen to have an admin demo site of Content Locker Pro please? I would like to see how much control I have over the design of the locker section. I want to remove the extra button press, and just go direct to the email input. I recently purchased from these guys, and they had a great pre purchase admin demo system. https://discountsuiteforwp.com/ Thank you, James
  3. Ok, thank you. One more question then, in the FREE version, I don't see a full list of the services that are offered on the website. I want to use Active Campaign, but it's not in the FREE list. Will it be in the PRO PAID version? Screenshot of the free version list. https://imgur.com/a/GOMK8IR On this page you have "Active Campaign" https://mythemeshop.com/plugins/content-locker-wordpress/ Thank you
  4. Hi, I'm very interested in the Pro version. I would like to see the Signin Locker Pro, can I lock an entire page? Once they have signed in, will it unlock all lockers? For example, if I had a small locker on the front page, and also a full page locker? There is a feature I would like to see in action, it appears there is a page/post locker option? The FREE version video was great, I would really like to see the same for the PRO if possible please. Thank you,
  5. Hi, I'm trying to find a content locker solution that does a few things. Content Locker Pro appears to solve a number of issues, but the one issue I'm having, it doesn't appear to integrate with drip.com - This is a email service provider. Is there any chance this might be something that can be added to the plugin? Thank you, James
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