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  1. I like your plugin and I give it another try but when publish the quiz I get 2000 visitors live playing the quiz instantly, My server goes down for 30min coz of database huge writing (I lost all visitors). your plugin (free+pro) Not valid for high visitors WordPress sites, and it needs more development I will go find another Plugin or hire a freelancer to make the changes I want
  2. Hello Thank you for the quick answer But, is there any solution or php-function to purge the database table ,for example every day or every 12 hours? please help me to solve this
  3. After I make my first quiz with Wp Quiz I published it on my website and get around 100k play in one day the problem is that I get a huge database in(wp_quiz_play_data) with more than 100k row I decide to remove the plugin and clean my database, did the pro version offer a solution for this? ps: I do quiz on my website for fun only, I dont want to store ant data in my database Please answer me, If you can find me a solution than I will buy the pro version
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