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  1. Thanks! There's so much info on the landing page I missed that menu. That clears it up a bit.
  2. "The free version doesn’t offer advanced options panel with all the advanced feature" - I'd like to know which advanced features you're referring to, specifically. "it comes with only basic options like logo upload etc." - Can you specify which features you're referring to when you say 'like/etc'? The way the landing page for each theme is laid out isn't particularly helpful, I have looked at them but they're sort of vague, which is why I've come to the forum to ask for a more detailed answer instead. As a brand new user and potential customer I'm looking for specific differences betw
  3. Hi - Is there somewhere I can view a complete tabulated summary of differences between Schema and Schema Lite? Having looked at both sales pages and demos I'm not clear on what the major (and minor!) differences are. Would love to know specifics, not just "this one is better than the other one". Thanks for your help in advance!
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