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  1. I do know that Sensational is a free theme. What I meant was that I wanted to fool with one of your company's free themes to see how they're built and if the customization options are good before I buy a premium theme from you. One of the most obvious examples of lack of customization from what is promised is the left menu. The links are supposed to have a nice background to the text (light red in the preview) but there's no option for that in the theme customization. That's a big appeal of that theme. I made a graphic that shows how they're supposed to look in your preview vs. how it actually looks when you use the theme.
  2. Before I spend money on a MyThemeShop theme, I've been trying a demo theme, Sensational. However, the theme offers none of the customizations you guys mention on the theme or show in the demo. I want to fool with the customizations on the theme to see what I can do before I commit to buying a premium theme. It isn't a good sign to me that I'm not able to do any of the Sensational customizations promised in the theme on your website. Why is that? What am I missing? I don't want to purchase my desired premium theme until I've had a chance to see how customization works on a free one, and it looks like that doesn't work. How come? Am I missing something?
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