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  1. Before buying, I want some modification 1- When clicking on any image, he will go to the store and display all store codes 2- I want to arrange the store to look like this (attached photo) 3- I want the list of stores and lists in this way (attached photo) =====================================
  2. Hello I bought the template two days ago and asked for the key to be canceled and told me that the money will be refunded after seven days During this time, I searched for a form that specifically matches my coupons, but I can't find them My question is: Can I get my key back with you and want some tweaks to the template? Tell me before doing anything, if it is possible or not I apologize to you again
  3. You have deleted the template But I did not receive the money in visa
  4. i am not satisfied with ad-sense theme .. i am facing issues and difficulty to use.. This is not Good theme for me. so please cancel me and return my money back
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