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  1. That's not making it any better. Have a look on your own, it's a website for a client of mine (Amir) who bought the theme: use mts / bzbX6PZ729mr97HJ for the htaccess-login
  2. Hello! You got me wrong! It's on the Homepage ( within the "Advanced Features" section. Displaying this section on a mobile device (as shown in the screenshot in the beginning of this topic) messes up the position of all "advanced-feature-img"s within a class "right advanced-feature". The feature image within the "left advanced-featrue" is being centered, which looks perfect while the feature image within the class "right advanced-feature" ist left-aligned which breaks the layout of the page! Again the screenshot from the beginning of this topic with the highlighted spacing-problem: Kind regards
  3. Hi! Sorry but not posting the URL, but it was directly from your Demo: Thank you!
  4. Hi! I really like the theme local citation but discovered, that browsing on a mobile device the images of a right-class Advanced Feature Section aren't centered but left-aligned while the left-class Advanced Feature Dection images are being centered. Shouldn't both Section types (right und left) display centered images on mobile-devices?
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