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  1. Hi! Since the available feature to import ratings from other plugins is limited to the named 6 plugins, it would be great, if one could import ratings from a CSV-file or xml-file. Or is there any other way to get ratings from other plugins imported? I got the data from another theme that supports ratings and now only need to get them "into" WP Review but have no idea how to transform the data into the needed array-format. Is there any documentation I can refer to? That's how my old theme/plugins stores the ratings-data:
  2. That's not making it any better. Have a look on your own, it's a website for a client of mine (Amir) who bought the theme: https://zahnmedizin-ellerau.de/ use mts / bzbX6PZ729mr97HJ for the htaccess-login
  3. Hello! You got me wrong! It's on the Homepage (https://demo.mythemeshop.com/local-citation/) within the "Advanced Features" section. Displaying this section on a mobile device (as shown in the screenshot in the beginning of this topic) messes up the position of all "advanced-feature-img"s within a class "right advanced-feature". The feature image within the "left advanced-featrue" is being centered, which looks perfect while the feature image within the class "right advanced-feature" ist left-aligned which breaks the layout of the page! Again the screenshot from the beginning of this topic with the highlighted spacing-problem: Kind regards
  4. Hi! Sorry but not posting the URL, but it was directly from your Demo: https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Local%20Citation Thank you!
  5. Hi! I really like the theme local citation but discovered, that browsing on a mobile device the images of a right-class Advanced Feature Section aren't centered but left-aligned while the left-class Advanced Feature Dection images are being centered. Shouldn't both Section types (right und left) display centered images on mobile-devices?
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