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  1. Hi. You say the page is not refreshed, but what if I use the option 'Reload page after nth question' and set it to 1? What does this option do? Won't it refresh the page after every question is answered? Please clarify.
  2. To confirm, once the quiz starts and till the end, there are no page refreshes even when you have 1 question per page option enabled? Page isn't refreshed when the user clicks continue to move to next question?
  3. Hey, When using the 1 question per page option, does the page refresh after every question? This is what I want. Let's consider a quiz has 10 questions. Clicking start quiz button > page refreshes > clicking continue after answering first question > page refreshes > clicking continue after answering second question > page refreshes... and so on. After answering last question > page refreshes. New page appears after answering last question where it shows 'View Result' button, click on that and page refreshes and shows results. So on a quiz with 10 question
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