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  1. Sorry, I can't pay for custom coding... I just need something to start. Do you have a reference or howto how I get to the data= I know how I can make a own shortcode via the functions.php.
  2. Hello, only a little. I like to buy your plugin. Can you help me then with the code? Jochen
  3. I want to place a second review box in the sidebar. But very reduced, with less information. Can I create a template for the review box in the sidebar and select that template in the shortcode? I also need to make sure, that the Schema code is only listed once. see:
  4. Hello, 1. I want to create a template for placing a simplified review box in the sidebar. 2. I also want the normal bottom review box. Is that possible? Also, the Schema data should only be in the bottom review box, not in the sidebar. thanks Jochen
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