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  1. Hi, I have gone through Ad-sense theme demo and I have few questions before i decide to buy it. 1) Is the theme compatible with Yoast SEO premium and Wp-Rocket caching plugin ?. I am using premium versions of each of these plugins. I know you recommend Rank Math but currently I have Yoast SEO Premium. 2) Do you have a shortcode to create tables ?. or can we use tiny mce editor plugin to create tables and is that plugin compatible ?. 3) What page builders is the theme compatible with ?. 4) In terms of SEO, does the theme has any JSON+LD built in or Yoast will take care of it ?. Can we disable the JSON+LD if it is baked in the theme ?. 5) The adblock detector plugin comes built-in with the theme right or do we need to purchase the plugin separately ?. 6) Is there any option to show last updated date on the post ?. There is a published date and once we update the post, it shows last updated date. 7) Can we disable Google Fonts in the theme and use system fonts such as Segoe UI ?. I see you are using this font on your homepage - https://mythemeshop.com/ 8. What theme are you using here - https://mythemeshop.com/blog/ 9) Where can I find the changelog of Ad-sense theme ?. Will you listen to customer feedbacks and add new features or is it going to be only fixes that we see in next coming years ?.
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