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  1. I purchased Schema Theme 2 weeks. I really liked the theme, but I wanted to change a few things about it. I've been in touch with their team about these changes, and after submitting multiple tickets and topics, I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with the customer service and support. They are fast to respond and easy to work with. Even the smallest questions are answered if asked. Thanks again for the support and I look forward to continue working with you!
  2. I was having a hard time with the footer settings, but this community helped me out to fix it! Now looks the way I want it
  3. Hi there! I am having trouble adding the search bar to the secondary menu on top of my website. Do you happen to know why it is not showing up? I already turned the option "ON" in the Styling Options, however it will still not appear on my menu. Please let me know if you think you have an answer! Thanks!
  4. Okay thank you for this information, I suppose my next question is how exactly can you add the Shop feature onto this Theme? Thanks!
  5. Hey that's great to know this theme supports a Shop page. Do you happen to know if only my products can be used for a shop? For example, if there is a product on Amazon I want to promote, can I somehow use that product and connect it to my website? Thanks!
  6. Great thanks for this! I'll take a look now. I just wanted to make sure this Theme can support a shop page? Thanks
  7. Hello, I am thinking about purchasing the Schema Theme for my website, however I just wanted to make sure that this theme is able to support a shop and check out? I plan on using shopify as well and I want to put items on my website to sell. Does this theme support that option? Thank you!
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