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  1. Hello. Thank you for sending the link to the translation plugin. Unfortunately, we cannot find the phrases we need to translate using this plugin. Phrases needed to translate "Yes", "No and" Post Review ". I wrote about it in the first message. I also used other translation plugins: Loco Translate, WPLM. Unfortunately we cannot find these phrases because they are not in the .pot file These phrases are embedded in the plug-in code. We have a problem right now because our customer can't find exactly when he bought the plug and to which email address. This is due to the current situation - a coronavirus, because it can't get into to company. Can I count on your help in solving this problem? Please only provide file names in the plugin where the phrases to translate are located. Thank you.
  2. Hello. I personally didn't buy this plugin. My customer, for whom I doing the new website, once bought your plugin. Can you help me? I would be very grateful for your help. Please give me the names of the files where I can change the translation. Thank you.
  3. Hello. We are working on a new website for our client and we have a problem translating 2 phrases from English language into another language. Both phrases are not in the .pot file (languages / wp-review.pot). The first phrases is "Yes" and "No", which is next to the sentence "Does Product Matches the Description?". The second phrase is "Post Review", which is located on the send feedback button. I'm sending screenshots in attach. Please let me know where and how we can translate the above phrases. Please send information on which files we can change (edit) in plug-in to change the above phrases to another language. Thank you for help. Yes / No Post Review
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