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  1. Confused about the terms of payment. 1. Is it purchase once, keep it forever, but only get support for one year and then pay extra 2. Or is it purchase once, keep it for one year, get support for one year, and then pay in order to keep using the theme? Independently on the answer, does it apply to any other theme? I'm still not sure on which theme to buy and don't want to ask for every single theme I feel attracted to.
  2. Hello fellow forum members (and developers) As a SEO advocate, the Schema theme is wonderful, but at the same time, I want the new website I'm building to be a little bit more "pretty". Which "Mythemeshop" themes are the best ones in terms of speed, low size and great functionalities just like Schema? If developers have a list that goes from the fastest to the slowest, or at least top 10 fastest i'd highly appreciate it. Website will work on marketing topics.
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