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  1. - So basically on my reviews page we have an editors review section. - Then from there we do it so those reviews are separate from the user reviews. (think rotten tomatoes critics reviews) - Maybe I can set editors as Authors and compile just their reviews?
  2. Just to double check can I split up reviews from normal users and editors and then place editor reviews summary in their own area?
  3. Alright. Found an open source one you might want to look at integration with your plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/dco-comment-attachment/
  4. Hey there I was curious on the ability for WP-Review Pro to do the following. 1) User leaves a review 2) User has the ability to add photos for review. 3) Photos are then added in the review left 4) Photos are as well added to an overall gallery for that product. Basically something akin to the amazon reviews on their site. Thanks.
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