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  1. hello, thank you. the problem with demo is that i see no quiz where the page is reloaded. i think the quizzes setup there are one site quizzes or im i wrong? to change the pageloading i have no permission in the demo page. okay i will test it out and when there are issues i hope i can have refund. thats a word. thank you very much
  2. No. I had no trouble with your quiz. I use at the moment another quiz plugin from another company and i have problems there when i set it up with "reloading". The problem is that adsense have stricter rules now and pages that cannot be crawled show no ads. And google cannot crawl urls with parameters that are generated new every time when url is loaded. This means: when the plugin is generating every time new parameters in url , for exmaple url/?test=jedfgjdfgsdgksdgk then ads from adsense will not work on such urls!!! i have to know if your plugin is generating such urls in the
  3. Hello, i read that page reloading is supported within the plugin. this is what i want for more pageviews on page to generate better adrevenue. at the moment i use another quiz plugin on my wordpress site and i have problems there that adsense ads are not showing properbly. this has to do with the reloading options of the quizplugin i use. it generates any time new url-parameters with any new reload of the page. i read that this makes trouble with adsense. adsense ads are blank after the first reload. how does this work with your plugin? does it generate url para
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