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  1. Hello! I need to do that on my website https://obmanu-net.ru/ the button that flips the page up, placed in the lower right corner of the site in a fixed form, worked as well as on this site - https://stop-obman.com/, i.e. it was floating and appeared when scrolling down the site articles. How do I implement this? And what do I have to do to do that? This setting is in the SocialNow theme itself or it is not there and you need to provide access to the site so that you make this setting? If you need to add any code to the theme template, I can do it myself, please give only detailed instructions
  2. Hello! Please tell me whether it is possible to make the page scroll button up, which is by default in the lower right corner of the site, floating in the SocialNow theme? So that when reading an article on the site and scrolling it down, this button appears, and if you can turn it on, then how do you configure this button to appear after a certain number of rotations of the mouse wheel?
  3. Hello! I have a problem with the e-mail collection form on the site with your socialnow theme. The form of collecting e-mail Getresponse, floats on the fixed panel of headings when scrolling the site. In support of the service Getresponse I was told that this problem is not exactly on their side, and the problem on the side of the site and it is solved only by changing the code of the site itself, that is, the code in The socialnow theme or theme options. In the theme options, I did not find such a setting. Please tell me how do I solve this problem? I need that when scrolling the site the for
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