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  1. Thank you for the response. I've tried adding a URL in the description box, but it just removes any html I put in. I am doing something wrong?
  2. Thank you for reply to this topic, I'm performing the health check now but you didn't actually state whether or not the 'features' can be buttons. Is your answer implying that they should be buttons and a theme conflict is preventing this functionality? Many thanks and best regards, Jeremy
  3. Hi there, I am currently using OnePage Lite (which is brilliant by the way). I wish to make the 'Features' section into buttons, so when clicked, the page scrolls to different parts of the site. If you look at my website: www.redrooster.tv you can see in the first 'features' section, the middle feature says 'Digital Signage'. I wish this to be clickable so when clicked, the page scrolls down to the 'digital signage' video. Is this possible with the paid version of OnePage, or is there an extra plugin I need to enable? Many thanks, Jeremy
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