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  1. Hey BenMTS - Thanks for your reply. I actually appreciate you sharing your thoughts / opinions. I found very little on that plugin, and it was pretty disappointing. I probably agree with you - (I've been working w/ WP for 13 years). Thanks for solving my query. I think I'll get the plugin working, to remove the eye-sore... and then replace it with something more reliable.
  2. Hi. I have just taken over a site that has Wp Subscribe (free) in the plugins. But the free one only seems to have the Widgets as the method of access. The documentation videos show there is a settings console, and that isn't showing up on the site. The site has a page that shows the following shortcode: [wps_custom_form id=3] The plugin is activated, and the shortcode is showing as a shortcode, not as a custom form. Strikes me that the pro version is the one that supports custom forms. 1)Is this the correct shortcode from this plugin, or am I barking up the wrong tree? 2)Will getting the pro version bring the form back?
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