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  1. Thanks for your answer... I am new here - I need a simple starter site where I can sell some items. When I click on Themes and select ecommerce I get this WordPress eCommerce themes - 6 themes One of them is Schema - which you are obviously promoting and sounds like a good base - then there are 5 others: WooShop, WooCart, JustFit, eCommerce and eMaxStore - so Schema is tagged here as fitting ecommerce and of course I like the strong (?) SEO etc. aspects - I have to believe that if it's a little more expensive I am getting some stronger and better features. My requirements are quite simple - I want to advertise and sell some custom-made items, and I want to allow people to pay using their credit cards. The site will be bi-lingual. I don't really have any experience doing this and I don't want to get bogged down in technicalities - the whole idea of using this platform is that it is simple and there is a huge base of ready-to-go themes etc. - it would be better not to even need to start with plugins but just buy one a good basic theme that has all my basic needs included and concentrate on the contents. How do I go about deciding what to use? I don't want to start with one and then find that I need to change it later or perform extensive modifications. Any help you can provide or direct me to a place where I can compare the features etc. will be appreciated. Thanks again
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