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  1. I started my blogging about 5 years ago and I am currently completing graduation and I am 19 years old. I don't know much about HTML and PHP.That is why I had a lot of difficulty in selecting the WordPress theme. Previously I did not have much knowledge about WordPress, so I used the free version of Schema. But right now I have a little knowledge in WordPress and PHP. I had done a lot of research for my WordPress theme and wanted a good SEO optimization theme. I used the free version of Schema for the last 2 years. It helped me a lot, then I thought that its pro version
  2. [#NewYearOffer] EXCLUSIVE! Get ANY premium theme for JUST $19 (coupon: hello2020) [GET IT NOW] Will I get the same life time if I buy the theme from this offer or do I have to pay back a year later? Whether the theme purchased through this offer is for a lifetime ?
  3. What should I do to do this kind of customization so that you guys can let me customize this theme?
  4. As you say I have gathered a post about the kind of customization I want, if you read that post you will know what kind of customization I want. About My Customisations visit From the link above you can find out what kind of customization I want and give you all the information you need in the type of customization.
  5. Hello sir i need a schema theme for my site this theme are very good for my site but sir I need some extra customisation in this theme. 1.can I change related posts layouts in schema theme 2.can You give me child theme for only my site and my customisation
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