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  1. I started my blogging about 5 years ago and I am currently completing graduation and I am 19 years old. I don't know much about HTML and PHP.That is why I had a lot of difficulty in selecting the WordPress theme. Previously I did not have much knowledge about WordPress, so I used the free version of Schema. But right now I have a little knowledge in WordPress and PHP. I had done a lot of research for my WordPress theme and wanted a good SEO optimization theme. I used the free version of Schema for the last 2 years. It helped me a lot, then I thought that its pro version should be taken and see how its support team gives us support, does it give us the option to design a theme like ours. I currently use the Pro version of Schema, which is a very good theme and is a very good optimized theme. This has made me very much like this and has benefited immensely in my site. The benefits I received due to the schema theme. 1. The theme is very fast loading, due to which we get a very good advantage in SEO. 2. Customization is very easy, you can design this theme any way you want. 3. This theme is very well user friendly. Due to this bounce rate is also very low. 4.Works very well and because of this I got many more benefits. How is the support team supported? All members of the theme support are excellent. And this member teaches us to customize correctly. I just needed a little change and its support team has given me very good support. I am grateful to them. The kind of change that I wanted, these people made the same change on my website and made my site the way I thought. I will be grateful to this company and in future I hope to buy the theme of this company. Thank you...... AJAY VAJA (♥ FORM INDIA 🇮🇳 )
  2. [#NewYearOffer] EXCLUSIVE! Get ANY premium theme for JUST $19 (coupon: hello2020) [GET IT NOW] Will I get the same life time if I buy the theme from this offer or do I have to pay back a year later? Whether the theme purchased through this offer is for a lifetime ?
  3. What should I do to do this kind of customization so that you guys can let me customize this theme?
  4. As you say I have gathered a post about the kind of customization I want, if you read that post you will know what kind of customization I want. About My Customisations visit From the link above you can find out what kind of customization I want and give you all the information you need in the type of customization.
  5. Hello sir i need a schema theme for my site this theme are very good for my site but sir I need some extra customisation in this theme. 1.can I change related posts layouts in schema theme 2.can You give me child theme for only my site and my customisation
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