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  1. Hi sir, i have one more thing to say that Purple Theme yet not renewed in my account. Please do check..
  2. Hello, Still after the minor update I feel speed wise purple theme lacking according to new Google Core web vitals. It will be great if you make it more fast like schema. Hoping for a major speed update. Thanks.
  3. Thank you so much. The theme is updated. Great... Can you please update sociallyviral theme too..
  4. Hi sir, I see that after one year still you did not updated the purple theme. There are major google algorithm update released in which google suggest many changes in website designs. And there are many bugs in this theme as i used this theme before on my website. Please update the theme with latest requirments so that i can again swicth back to mythemeshop themes, which are really good. Thank you.
  5. Boost in SEO, speed and performance after using mythemeshop purple theme..
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