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  1. I see. Thank you for the response.
  2. thank you. I'll try it out then. Can you recommend a premium theme with similar features? what I like most about NewsToday are the layouts that allow to place two posts right next to each other on mobile (in most themes the posts are under each other on mobile). Any other blog/magazine themes that offer this layout? thanks again.
  3. Hi, my question is actually about the NewsToday theme. I like it and want to use it, but I'm a bit concerned that it's a free theme. Does it mean that there will be no updates or support? that it's slower than premium themes? I also looked at premium news themes, but liked the features of NewsToday the best.
  4. The support I've been getting here is fantastic. I set up my first website this past year, so there were various issues to deal with. The support team has come through for me time after time. I know that I can always turn for help here, and will get quick responses plus follow-up. Overall I highly recommend mythemeshop, especially for first-timers and people who are less technical, as the level of support is so important. So thank you, I really appreciate all your hard work. It's has been a huge help for me!
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