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  1. Hello How do I resolve these two errors? https://prnt.sc/pmrcyc https://www.leca-palmeira.com/teia-de-fibra-otica-vai-decorar-biblioteca-municipal-de-matosinhos/ Best regards Joao Paulo
  2. Thank you. One last question: Why don't I see the stars on Google SERPs? Example of Page: https://www.leca-palmeira.com/biennale-de-design-traz-a-matosinhos-exposicoes-workshops-e-debates/ Best regards Joao Paulo
  3. I bought a new theme (VOICE) for my website and your plugin (WP Review) was included. I could not find help for a simple question. How do i translate just the word "User Review"? Best regards, Joao Paulo
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