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  1. Sorry for the misinterpretation but I was asking if WP Quiz had the settings to configure my results as I described. The example I described was found in this website, 'Quizly.co'. If not, would it take some PHP modifications to work in that manner? If so, could you direct me on what settings? Thanks again.
  2. Hi. Concerning the results configuration, does WP Quiz allow more than one forced action to see the results at the end of the quiz? I noticed on the following site, 'Quizly.co', once the user completes the quiz, it has an action button that says, 'Show Me My Results'. It then refreshes the page and displays a choice of two actions buttons. The choices are, 'Sign Up and see my results', or, 'no emails, just show me my results'. Does WP Quiz or WP Quiz Pro have those result settings or does it require special modification? Thanks.
  3. This plugin info page says that the plugin is 'Development-friendly if one is familiar with coding' so I'm assuming that the plugin code can be modified. Do I need to be familiar with CSS and PHP to modify the plugins' code? If not, what type of coding?
  4. Do WP Quiz Pro only allows one ad per question or one ad per quiz? I was trying to find a way to put more than one ad per question using WP In Post Ad along with WP Quiz Pro. Using WP In Post Ad, can I put an ad before the title of the question? If so, will it be displayed with every question? Thanks again.
  5. Hi. According to the WP Quiz Pro plugin demo; https://demo.mythemeshop.com/wp-quiz-pro/how-well-do-you-know-the-real-trial-of-oj-simpson/ , WP Quiz Pro places the ad after the question. Is it possible to use WP In Post Ads plugin to place an ad immediately after the title of the question produced by the WP Quiz Pro so there would two ads, one after the title of the question produced by WP In Post Ads and an ad produced by WP Quiz Pro? If so, what would be the detailed method of accomplishing that? Thanks in advance.
  6. Is the rectangular image with the question, 'Do you think you are a true Star Wars fan?', the ad you were referring to? If so, a similar ad will be dispayed after each question? Can different ads been 'rotated' with each question? Can any type of ad(ex:CPA, CPM, etc) be displayed? Thanks for your prompt response.
  7. Where is the location of ads on the post(s)/page(s) of each question using the Trivia quiz? Could I have a screen shot please?
  8. The original question was how to add a question without an image. And another question was asked that was related to the first was how to resize the image. The answer was given by support was the following: ' The size of an image can be modified once uploaded to the quiz but it will require a CSS modification'. Which brings about another question: 'Since it requires CSS modification, is the css modified in the plugin or in the theme?'
  9. So it's not a function built into the plugin? Can you resize the image once it's uploaded into the question? If so, how? Anyone?
  10. Was this question ever answered? I would like to create questions without images. When there is a question without a loaded image, the question has a large empty space before the question and answer choices appear which doesn't look good. Also, when a image is added, the image is too large which causes the user to scroll to see the answer choices which inconvenient for the user. So my second question is how to resize the image to avoid the above-mentioned problem.
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