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  1. Hi Jitendraa, Thanks for your response. Sorry i'm not clear, not sure you understand, i ask if it's possible to see featured image on top of article, like majority of website do? For fixed widget, do you have any solution? Perhaps another plugin compatible who can do that? For problem with categories, it's not about the end of posts but in the middle. You can see here: https://sens2lavie.com/videos/
  2. And also, i don't know if have Pinterest in pro, it's an important social media now. And google+ is finish.
  3. Hi, SocialyViral is beautifful theme and speed. But what i can see on pro version demo have no option for featured image who it's strange for pro! And in free version i test, have problem with q2w3 fixed widget. I have also problem in categories, i use regenerate thumbnail advanced for delete old and change picture for this template but have some block post who don't appear, normally. Have 3 block per lines and in some only one and 3 block under. I think it's perhaps conflict with my plugin but i make another test with all my principal plugin deactived and still h
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