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  1. The level of support and response time with MyThemeShop has been extremely helpful (and unexpected)! I have a basic knowledge of website design and have done my own websites in the past, but I am not a developer or graphic designer and the current theme I am using through MyThemeShop has required a few modifications that are beyond my scope, mainly involving CSS code. The support team at MyThemeShop has responded to each and every question, usually within a 12-hour period, and given me the correct code to copy and paste to make the necessary modifications to my theme. It has made the designing of my new website very smooth and time efficient. I was not expecting this level of help or the quick turnaround whenever I have questions, so I've been very happy with the decision to use MyThemeShop knowing that I don't need to hire an expensive developer and I can get quick answers and help to keep this project moving along in a timely manner. You guys are awesome!
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