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  1. Thanks. I am using Bricks Builder (like Oxygen) and use Loop-Element (Like Repeater in Oxygen). I Build a page with dynamic genereted Boxes. Every Box have some some Fields and get there content from Posts. for example title, description, button, price, pesonaly score AND i want to show in these boxes Rating Stars from your Plugin. Look here an example: https://nimbus-muellemail-com.nimbusweb.me/s/share/7405927/fthciss6w4byr41f00ep
  2. Thanks for your fast answer. But could it be that the plugin is a bit too powerful for my purposes? I actually only need a small function and the scope of the plugin is extreme. Can it be that the performance of my website is limited by the plugin? And another question. Can I show the reviews/stars of product A on another page (e.g. with a shortcode on startpage). Do ACF and CPT work?
  3. I create posts about products. Other people who have tested the products should be able to post a review (without registration). The result should be displayed under the product (like the comments). Important: I do not want to write reviews! The reviews should come from other site visitors. I only create the reviews. Is this possible? Example: Show Screenshot
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