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  1. So, if I understand this correctly: I can only do 1 video with for example 5 questions underneath it, but I cannot do 1 video > 1 question , 1 video > 1 question, in the SAME big quiz? Because I assume that 1 shortcode equals 1 quiz, and adding 1 shortcode under 1 video gives you 1 quiz under that video. But if I understand it correctly, it is not possible to add multiple videos in the same quiz? Like your example quizes, they have for example a photo of a dog, and then a question: is this a dog. Then a photo of some coffee, with the question is this coffee? Or would it be possible to make a multi-page quiz, with a video on top of each page? As you might see by now, I'm trying to make video quizzes haha (for kids actually, for learing :)! ) Kind regards, Collin -----------------------------EDIT----------------------------- Oh, I saw now that under the "trivia" section, you can add either a video or an image. Can these video's come from youtube? Kind regards,
  2. Hi, i've looked arround on the backend demo, but I couldnt find an answer to these questions: for videos to show before a question, how does one do that? Can it be a youtube video? for the ads: when you click on enable ads, it shows "ad code". What code can that be? Can it be from any ad network? Kind regards, Collin
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