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  1. hello, i wish to ask is the google map function in premium and free theme require google api?
  2. Hello, i wish to ask if contact form in all themes build with same plugin? Can i move the form setting and design a theme to another theme?
  3. hello, i wish to ask some questions about premium theme demo content : 1. if all premium theme provide demo content for import? 2. Ferminine demo page got 7 available demo, does it mean that i can choose from 7 different demo content to import to my website that use ferminine theme?
  4. i am using Musical theme : 1. can i center the site title on the header? 2. can i change Homepage Featured Image into slideshow? 3. can i add hover effect to Gallery Banner Images? 4. can i change mobile menu from flyout menu to dropdown menu? 5. can i hide mythemeshop Copyright © 2019 text at footer?
  5. hello, i wish to ask that can i white label mythemeshop free and premium theme?
  6. hello, i wish to ask that if i able to customise the imported theme demo content?
  7. hello, i wish to ask that is any option to one click install demo content? Do other themes have this option?
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