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  1. I have a few questions about WP Tab Widget Pro, please. 1) My client needs a solution that sometimes requires her to be able to paste content (articles) in a tab. I see that you have dynamic content and code; does your solution also allow text entry and editing, e.g. with something like a TinyMCE editor? 2) Does WP Tab Widget Pro enable linking from one tab another on the same page? 3) Most importantly, my client really wants to be able to put a link/URL from within the content of one tab that will take the user **to a specific location, e.g. <p id="xyz">** in a different tab in the same tab group. Example: client wants a link from a key point in an article in tab 2 to the relevant part of a form in tab 5. User completes that part of the form. Then she follows a similar link back to the article in tab 2. Can your plugin do this? Thank you!
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