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  1. I see, thanks for clarifying this. There is an error on Your site then that still shows this sale, I will contact the account section. - Regards
  2. Also why do I need to be approved by a moderator? That gets old considering I been a member for over a year now, I have 144 post with good reputation yet my post still need to be moderated?
  3. When I created this thread it was still active. If I contact the billing department can I create a custom invoice? - Regards
  4. Hello, I didnt see a forum for membership questions but I would like to know how long the current 9th anniversary sale will be active for? I currently already have the membership but if I bought this membership also would it start right away or would it start after my current membership expires? - Regards
  5. So how can I buy a theme for $19 dollars then? I keep asking but for some reason all my comments need to be approved by a moderator. I am a paying customer this is not how things are suppose to work.
  6. I have sent a message using that link. "Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly." I am posting it here for a timestamp because even still the banner is displayed with the link: https://s.mythemeshop.com/JbskC - Regards
  7. Thanks for the link; however, its just links back to my own account. Really not sure how strict the hiring process is at this company but apparently the majority of it is volunteer. Do You have the proper link or would that be asking too much? - Regards
  8. So even though it still (even right now) shows that I can get any Premium Theme for $19 that You wont honor this? Honestly sounds like false advertisement to Me. I was going to possibly buy a theme.
  9. I do not wish to use WooCommerce but thanks for the reply. So any themes/plugins/etc that have shopping abilities must use WooCommerce? - Regards
  10. There are a few themes that have a shopping cart function in them. Are these custom shopping cart solutions or are they WooCommerce? - Regards
  11. At the top of my screen it shows I can get any premium theme for just $19 however when I click on it the following page shows they are $59-$29 dollars and not the stated $19 dollars. How can I get a premium theme for the stated $19 dollars? - Regards
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