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  1. The Schema Options screenshot shows settings to modify sidebar use on Shop pages. Consider clarifying that as it contradicts your suggestion. And, modifying CSS will not remove the sidebar area, only hide its content. This is unfortunate.
  2. Please also advise what license is required to install Schema on WordPress Multisite, with it activated on multiple sites (subdomains).
  3. Thank you. It looks like there are no Woocommerce specific settings on the Schema Options panel. There are also items in the admin screenshots that have no page on the demo site (Navigation and Typography). Can you confirm that Schema Sidebar Options will remove the sidebar on Shop pages and not just hide it? The Demo side includes a sidebar on Shop pages. Or, is there a more current comprehensive overview of screenshots for all Schema options?
  4. See my first post in this topic... Please advise if the paid version will play nice with all things Woo, and provide a link to a Woocommerce store running on the Schema theme. Thank you!
  5. Nor do any Woocommerce shortcodes render properly. And, hiding the sidebar via CSS is not an option as that does not alter the layout of the page. Sadly, I have discovered the Schema theme is basically incompatible with Woocommerce... This really should be clearly noted on any page promoting use of the theme.
  6. Thank you for the prompt response. Are you saying the No Sidebar option and page layout settings do not work for the Shop page in Schema? I am familiar with various work-arounds for removing the sidebar on the Woocommerce shop page, and am a bit surprised that the theme settings do not manage this as various other themes I have used do.
  7. Hi, thanks in advance for any help! I'm testing Schema Lite before I purchase the premium theme, but have run into a deal killer. I am unable to remove the sidebar (or change the page Point Settings) for the Woocommerce Shop page on our dev install. FYI: This is a WordPress Multisite install and I I had no problem removing the sidebar on the root domain, with normal WP pages. On a subsite/subdomain, however, regardless of what setting I choose for the Point Settings on the Shop page, the sidebar still appears. I am able to remove the sidebar and change layout for the Cart and Checkout pages, but nothing seems to work for removing the sidebar on the Shop page at subsite.domain.com/shop. The site is under development, so I cannot yet provide a link.
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