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  1. Hi, thanks for coming back to me! In fact setting it to "Visitor Rating Only" still shows both entries - mine and the one from a user. Pls see example here: https://fryslan-sailor.com/hafenfuehrer/balk/jachthaven-lutsmond-balk (bottom of the page). What do I do wrong? Thx christian
  2. Dear all, I would like reviews to be given by users / visitors only. In this regards I want to go without any author review at all. Which settings do I have to trigger? Example would be Amazon: They do not rate by themselves - all reviews are given by customers. Simply cannot find the appropriate settings here.... Thanks Christian
  3. Hi all, just Twitter quick questions: 1) Does Review Pro contain a consence button so that the User can confirm the privacy/GDPR statements? 2) in order to avoid spam in the ratings, I want to confirm every rating from the admin area befördert it gets Publisher. Is this possible? thx Christian
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