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  1. No worries, our developers were able to resolve the issue with a quick css change. Thanks!
  2. Hi, appreciate the quick response. I see that the ending confirmation screen shows whether the chosen answers were correct or wrong, but is there a way to show the participant which answer was correct for something they chose incorrectly? Re: the misalignment, I'm seeing this for a test quiz we created. I've attached a screenshot showing how those fields are aligned in the desktop view. It's currently on our test site, so can't share a direct URL. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi - I've just started to play around with the WP Quiz plug-in and really liking it, but had a couple questions. Does either version show the correct answer (in addition to saying that a selection is wrong), or do I need to upgrade to get this feature? Also noticed some mis-alignment between the radio button and answer text on desktop, though looks fine on mobile, and wondering if this is a known bug. Thanks!
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