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  1. Hello, As the Quiz functions still not performing as described in the product page, we have sent a refund request to your Accounts team at the link per your suggestion. Looking forward to your team's reply very soon.
  2. We have requested to extend the refund period two weeks ago due to the plugin problems that have not resolved yet within the 1 month refund period. We are pleased that you have extended another 15 days for us. However, the progress of solving the problem are still not promising, the problems still remain unsolved and the extended period will ended soon. Hence, I wonder that if you can extend the refund period again? Thanks.
  3. I got a number of issues after buying the WP Quiz Pro. Can you let me know where I can create the ticket? As I submitted a topic under Plugin support, seems disappeared. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I found the "play again" button doesn't work. When I click play again, and try to change the combination so that it generate totally different result set, the result is not correct. Pls advise. Thanks
  5. Hi, I mean wanna create one redirect page for each result as wanna add some customized content there (e.g. some suggestion of further reading). Is there some codes I can put when creating the result page to display the result and image? Thanks.
  6. Hi, The no. of questions limitation has been removed by updating the variable you suggested. Thanks. What about category result type and image? Can add that in the redirect URL? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I fine the maximum categories I can add is 34 in the personality quiz type. Is it the maximum that I can create? Not like you said no limitations in WordPress? Thank you.
  8. For no. 5, I mean the custom page with social button customized with the user's own result. (I suppose this is related to Open Graph schema). Is it possible? For categories, I mean the no. of results when create the category quiz type. As I need to create a complex quiz with may be > 50 different results
  9. Thanks for the reply. For no. 5, how is it possible as the page is built by myself totally? Is it done by calling some codes? Also, may I know the maximum Categories can be set for the Category type of quiz?
  10. Hi, I'm evaluating your WP Quiz Pro version but got few questions: 1. Tried the below Quiz of your site. While the mobile version can share my Quiz result at the Facebook, the desktop version can only share the generic Quiz topic and image. I tried some other Quiz at your demo site and seems the same. Is there bug at your desktop version? https://demo.mythemeshop.com/wp-quiz-pro/what-type-of-millennial-are-you/ 2. There is an option to delivery the quiz result to an email address. May I know how does it look like in the email content? And is it customizable? 3. If a user ha
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