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  1. Currently i m using free plugin - I love your plugin very much, it has everything what i need, and really looking to purchase the premium version, but now i m very sad with your plugin saving functionality. I tried almost all quiz plugins like onionbuzz, viralquiz etc. However your plugin is best among all but it's value remains zero if no questions saved. i have never experienced this issue in my other quiz plugins. Whenever i update my quiz like quiz slug or featured image or quiz content then all the quiz date will be cleared, I read another similar issue and you tell that increase var, execution time etc but nothing works, Why you are not changing your saving functionalities, I just want 10 questions per quiz and it can't be able to save just 10 question. You break my heart
  2. I heared from Buyers that quiz save and quiz duplicate not working properly (Bassically sometimes it deletes all the created questions when hitting save/update) , so my question is that, do you fix that issue? One more question is that where can i found the change-log of the plugin? so that when you fix that issue then i can easily be notified by changelog so that i can purchase the plugin. Also want to know that can deliver me test drive of the plugin?
  3. Can we duplicate entire quiz with questions, answers and results?, As i know with the help of addons like post duplicator etc.. does not works on the quiz plugins, ,they just duplicates the quiz but inside the quiz there are no questions. So do you offer inbuild quiz duplicate functionality?
  4. Do you have any future plans to implement question number on quizzes? We can also add the question number on the starting of each question but, what if we want to random the quiz questions?
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