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  1. Just to confirm what this means:"no way to show the user ratings based on the features." Does that mean a visitor won't be able to see the averaged ratings of users?
  2. I'm loading a review section onto my website where I want students to review their schools. I, as the website owner, will not review the school. I just want them to review the school with the aggregate score from the students showing as the main rating. Is it possible to disable the site review and only show user reviews? If it's not and I get a developer to disable the site review, does the plugin aggregate all of the user reviews? I played with one of the demo pages and it looks like a visitor can review in two places—just leaving start ratings or leaving a comment with ratings there as well. What are those differences? Looking to get moving on this ASAP since the plugin we were looking at using isn't what we thought it was. Thanks!
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